Question Advice really(please) needed in understanding slight differences in Asus Tuf F17 models, for a future purchase !

Jun 6, 2021
Hello everyone.... i am new on the website...and kind of going crazy not understanding the difference between 3 laptops, so please don t "attack" me if I don't talk apropiately for this forum!

So...i have been researching a lot the past week laptops.
For my desired specs, budget and practicality.... i narrowed everything down to Asus Tuf gaming lapoptop model F17 FX706LI

My issue is that after this model code(F17 FX706LI) there are a couple of different extensions...

between this F17 FX706LI-H7135 and F17 FX706LI-HX217 the only difference is the screen refresh rate, respectively 120Hz and 144Hz. BOTH have the processor I7-10870H. ok, so far so good.

but there is also this model F17 FX706LI-H7030 . same specs as the ones before(refresh rate 120Hz), except the processor i7-10750H.

I will nickname the three models i wrote about as this

FX706LI-H7135 = A
FX706LI-HX217 = B
FX706LI-H7030 = C

I don't understand FIRst of all...why can't i find anywhere on the web detailed information about each model and their differences in ONE place.

Second and most that i don't understand why B is the least expensive laptop even though it has the best specs...i mean bigger monitor refresh rate means more expensive right? but it isn't. As i said the only difference between A and B is the screen refresh rate...yet i don't understand why the laptop with less refresh rate is more expensive than the one with a bigger refresh rate. Am I Missing something here??

And....taking into consideration here ONly the processors of the 3 laptops......Laptop C has a less powerful procesor than A and B, and again...the only difference...AND AGAIN laptop C is even more expensive than the others....Why? it has a slower should be less expensive...

Can someone please clear the air....i don't want to end up buying anything less the best possbile option!!

i am really frustrated because i cannot find clear and pinpoint information about these differences anywhere, so please, i ask for this community's Help !! ASAP :D:D!
I promise to help back as much as i can in return !

PS: i studied the price difference only in my country....but that still doesn't change the fact that i feel like i am missing something, and i want to know more about these different extensions.

I also forgot to mention(actually the reason why i started this thread :)))) ) that the exact model i want to buy, I found it on only one website...and this website doesn't tell you the extension after FX706LI.
The laptop i am talking about has the exact specs as laptop B, except the RAM, which is 16GB. I don't understand which model is this one exactly...because i can't find it anywhere else. I mean...the website should specifiy FX706LI-"blablabla", but it doesn't..... and in order for me to find the best price available i need to know the exact model, and i can't find it anywhere.

So guys/ my frustration justified or not?
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Prices are set by the seller and what they buy it for, and any sales they may do for models, you would need to talk to several marketing and sales departments to sort out how they set the prices for their models.

There are many variations in model names that don't always line up with specs, some are regional variations, some are made for certain resellers.

Find the system you like, if it has the features and price you like buy it, don't worry about the details of why the model number is different or you can't details about it. If you can't find it, you can't find it. Contact the vendor or the manufacturer, although you may not be able to find someone that knows for sure, the sales reps may not have all the information for every single model difference in names or specs.