After uninstalling graphics driver on my laptop my monitor gets no signal.


Dec 27, 2015
Please before you start reading keep this in mind, I have issues with the graphics drivers, monitor and laptop and the specs are down below (I written this so you don't start asking me questions answered in the thread AKA stupid questions)

Hello, I've been getting this really annoying error message on my laptop when I wanted to play PD2 "PAYDAY 2 have been blocked from accessing graphics hardware" (or something like that) and I solved it by updating my graphics driver but then I had problems with the game itself so I reinstalled it and I got the same error message again and didn't get solved this time, I never uninstalled a graphics driver so I searched a little bit about it and I knew I messed up cause I uninstalled the graphics driver, restarted the laptop then used Guru3D DDU and then my monitor doesn't get any signal!

Why am I using a monitor? My laptop's screen is busted so I've been using the monitor to play games and why did I stick to the monitor? I felt more comfortable playing games on it to be honest so I didn't fix the screen!

How do I fix it to get a signal and how do I fix this Windows error cause it's extremely annoying! How did Microsoft even think of doing something that would mess up our experience?

I got Win10 and I may get a new PC so if I get this new PC with Win7 and plug my secondary hard in my laptop drive in the new PC is there going to be any problem? Since updating to Win10 converts files to be compatible with it I guess there are going to be problems!

Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Intel Graphics HD 4400
Intel i5 4200U

(sorry I don't have detailed info about my laptop's specs, I haven't checked'em in months)

P.S. I tried using the display key to switch to duplicate to 2nd monitor or show only on 2nd monitor but didn't work and I can see blue on my broken laptop's screen which is the color of the background so it doesn't get a black screen!


Dec 27, 2015

No need to help me cause I am getting a new MSI Stealth Pro, it's thousands of times better than my current laptop!

15.6 full HD screen
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060
Intel i7 6700HQ (6th Gen)
Battery life is too short but I heard that I can keep the charger plugged-in while gaming and it won't overcharge!
And it has everything else the other MSI Stealth Pro laptops got like the colorful LED keyboard, I don't need help but I will in the future when I need to plug in the hard disks in my old laptop to copy all meh stuff!
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