Question Airpods 2 not really working on Huawei P Smart Z

Jan 23, 2020
So i just bought a pari of AirPods 2 to use with a Huawei P Smart Z. I could easily get them to play the sound, but when it came to getting back all the features, when i tried
to install apps like AirBattery it didn t work. It told me that my phone s hardware doesn t support AirPods 2 (even tho I can get them to play sound). So now I can t use all the cool features like detecting when the airpod is removed from the ear, double touch or just being able to check the battery.
Also, when trying on different Android phones, like a Samsung a50 and EVEN a Huawei p20, i did get the apps to recognize the airpods, so I m guessing there is something wrong with my phone :(
I d be very grateful if someone could help me
Have you checked with the phone's manufacturer to see if that make/mode supports the use of them?

Also you need to check with the app makers (for whatever apps you are trying to use it with) to find out if they also are supported by your device.

Just because you have an an Android phone doesn't mean it supports everything.

Two other things to check...

1. Did the carrier/service provider you got the device through perhaps put limitations on the device? It happens more than you might think.

2. Are there any apps on your device that is causing this to occur? Apps that may not be on the other devices you tried them on.

These are where I would start.


Dec 10, 2018
I hope you are not using your AirPods with iPhone and Android Phone Simultaneously. Of course, there is a way to use your AirPods 2 with two different smartphones. But sometimes, this creates problems. If you are using your second generation AirPods with iPhone and Android, try to pair it with a single device at a time. Moreover, you should also know what does not work with Android phones:

It won’t be able to display power state and wearing status
It won’t be able to automatically pause tracks.
Unable to switch noise reduction mode through operating system.
It won’t be able to perform fit test on your Android phone.
You won’t be able to customize the function of pressing the headset handle.
Initial connection does not pop up the instructions.