Question Alienware 17 r1: Amd Radeon M290x not detected

Apr 2, 2019
(I apologize for how long this is)Last week on Tuesday morning I hop on my alienware 17 r1 only to find my discrete gpu (AMD Radeon M290x) not working. when I went to device manager I could only see my integrated gpu in display adapter, and was able to see my amd gpu in hidden mode. I spent the morning attempting all kinds of stuff, from updating drivers to cleaning fan. I went to work, came back and attempted more stuff. I got fed up with it and smacked my keyboard, I turn it on and find it working again to my suprise, I spent the whole night (from 11pm to 10pm the next day on it playing wow with friends) I go to bed and found myself in the same situation the next day (Thursday) I work on it for with the help of a friend via discord, uninstalling stuff and reinstalling. Decided after that not working to reapply new thermal paste to gpu and cpu, found both not hurt and looked in good shape. I turn it on with the mindset of needing to do a semi wipe, as I go to recover I notice my laptop updating amd radeon m290x, I for some god knows reason just went and clicked wipe. After wiping it with a new set of windows I find it still wasnt work and nothing changed. Since then I been trying everything and cant get it to work.