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Oct 5, 2009

Can anybody help I have an alienware aurora M9700 which came with vista home premium ( which I hate won't run older games.) I asked alienware support what I needed to do to install Xp pro sp2 on a new hard drive.They said I need to change some bios settings and won't tell me what because I bought the system second hand. They said I could call dell presto to get help with the install but when I looked they want to charge me for thier help.
So before I go there is any body able to help me.
any help much appreciated.


ps sent a email to alienware pr and told them what I thought of their customer support.


Hello and welcome to the forums :)
Why can't u install another OS ? what error it reports ?
Also which games do u play ? since most games run well under compatibility mode,also they may have patches too


Oct 5, 2009

Hi Maziar,

I did install OS xp pro sp3 from a recovery disc just to to try till I get xp pro full sp2 delivered,
it seem to install fine even knew I had 250gb sata drive. But when I try to install the drivers that xp did not install I get the following. message
InstallShield Wizard
Setup has experienced an error.
Please do the following:
- Close any running applications
- Empty your temporary folder
- Check your Internet connection (Internet-based Setup)
Then try to run the Setup again.
Error code: -6003
I am not connected to the internet on the M9700 and I cannot find installshield folders or files anywhere on my M9700. The games I want to run do have problems with vista even when patched that is why I want to install xp pro.
Also the company I got the drivers from sent me a diagnostic program so if I wanted they whould customize a self install driver disc for me. But this exe program would not work on the m9700 a black window appears for about a second then nothing does the same when I put the vista drive back in. But works on my desktop computer.
Sorry to be so long winded.

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