Question Alt not working & Fn hotkey problem

Dec 6, 2020
I have a HP ENVY laptop 15-ae132 (touch screen) which bought in 2015. I never have any problem with it and always let the window auto-update. Then few days ago some problems came up.

The problem began when i used google chrome to watch youtube video, the video repeatedly pause and play non-stop and i thought my keyboard key (Fn + F10) was malfunction. So, my first approach was to google the solution of how to disable the Fn hotkey from google chrome, and i did it by altering the Chrome: flags. This solved the problem of watching youtube video.

Then, few days later i noticed that my Alt key (both right and left side) are not working. After using the online keyboard checker, i found out two problems:

1) the two Alt keys on laptop are not responding (every other keys are responding), but the Alt on external keyboard is working fine.

2) a hotkey named MediaPlayPause is activated (as shown by the online keyboard checker) whenever i press shift, alt, space, or some random keys.

Now, it explains why I had this problem few days ago while watching youtube with google chrome.

My next approach is to google and find solution. I found one from this site but it isn't working for me. I've tried the method of uninstall keyboard driver, shutdown, unplug AC power, power reset 15 seconds, i even take out the back cover of laptop, and unplug the internal battery connection, then put the battery connection back, power up the laptop, F10 into bios, F9 to load default setting, save changes and restart, load into window 10, and the problem persists! then i found another problems after doing this:

3) my laptop's touchpad isn't working anymore.

4) unable to type certain capital letter. i guess the shift button is broken too.

i then continue to google for solution, and have done a few more approaches as below, but still, couldn't solve the problem.

Approach 2: update graphic card driver (GeForce GTX 950M) to 457.30

Approach 3: clean my keyboard with alcohol-based liquid

Approach 4: change keyboard driver to other incompatible one so that it temporary disable the built-in keyboard, so i could use my external USB keyboard. (but this won't solve the problem of randomly activating MediaPlayPause hotkey)

PLEASE HELP ME! Great thanks!
I would first try a bootable diagnostic to get all the internal software out of the way. Test the keyboard with that. There are many available on the internet. If the keyboard passes that test, the next step is a complete, clean reinstall of Windows. Note that the BIOS software still resides between the keyboard and the diagnostic, but it's unlikely this is corrupt. If your BIOS is not current, it wouldn't hurt to update that anyway.

I fixed a similar issue a while back with the reinstall. I didn't think to try the bootable diagnostic first. I was due for a cleanup anyway. I do these every year or two and find it makes my machine run better.
Dec 6, 2020
Hi AlHuneke,
Thanks for your reply.
I still not yet solve my keyboard problem. So, would like to try your suggestion. I have done the keyboard test, keyboard driver update, BIOS update, but the problem still persists. So i think i will try to perform the reinstallation of window.

May i know which one should i do? the Window System Restore, or the full window reinstall (they call it format?)
Dec 6, 2020
I have done a full window reset / resinstall / cleanup, or whatever they call it, a complete reset involving the removal of all my personal info. Yet, the problem persists.
My laptop keyboard still behave weirdly. The Alt-key not working, the HP shortcut key (MediaPlayPause) constantly being triggered, and the shift+alphabet sometime not working (hence could not type capital letter). However, using external USB keyboard has no problem like these.
One problem that give me headache is, the constantly trigger of HP Shortcut key MediaPlayPause. This has slowed down my computer, and when i open certain folder, by selecting a single file (not double click), it will use up my processing power a lot, like something is working behind the screen.
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