Alternative to Daemon Tools Lite to mount Audio Cue+Bin CD images

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Nov 28, 2013
I have Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, upgraded from 8.1.

I'm looking for an alternative progam to Daemon Tools Lite to mount images other than ISO, specifically Audio Cue+Bin CD images.

I always back up (legally purchased) audio CDs using ImgBurn which creates a .cue and .bin for each CD. If I need to access a CD, I used to use Daemon Tools lite to mount the .cue image, which worked fine. But daemon tools was found bundling aggressive adware that would install even if you were careful about unchecking the usual options not to install extra software, so a while ago I unistalled it. Now of course I can't find a good program to mount cue files...

I tried WinCDemu, which is open source, but it did not work for cue files.
Imgdisk didn't seem to be able to mount anything on Win10.
I was about to try Slysoft Virtual CloneDrive, but apparently it has trouble mounting audio CDs as well. I did not actually try it though, so if someone has Virtual CloneDrive and an image of an audio CD, and wants to test out mounting it, that would be pretty cool.

Does anyone know of a good virtual drive program that works on Win 10 and does not come bundled with malware? Open source would be preferable, but not required.

Also, does anyone know if Daemon tools cleaned up their act? I can't seem to find a reliable source online saying they are clean now. I'm not opposed to trying them again.

Paul NZ

Sep 15, 2014
Poweriso?? But it's not free. I wouldnt use daemontools anyway. It's a known cause of crashes

But Poweriso does offer you crap, when you install it. Just untick it then install it

I've never had any probs with Poweriso (when it was installed). It's not installed atm tho, because I've just reinstalled Win10. But, I did pay for it

Thats one thing you have to be careful of with free programs. If it's got a custom install option, use it.

You have to be careful where you get the files from too. Avoid Cnet, download and now Filehippo

All 3 of them if you're not careful (on what link you click on to get whatever). The install file will install crap / adware on your system



May 24, 2009
I am sorry I do not know about windows 10. I have been using it for as long as I can remember and I have never had even one issue.

btw that website I linked has been around forever and stays updated ad free. it is the best collection of free software I have ever found



Nov 28, 2013

I decided to try Gizmo and unfortunately it either doesn't work on Win 10 or it can't mount Cue+Bin images :(

I get this error message:
"Gizmo Drive was unable to decipher the geometry for this image file. Either the format is not supported (some DVD-based images are not yet compatible) or the file is corrupt."

I know the file isn't corrupt because it is an image I have opened in the past with daemon tools.

Thanks for the suggestion though! Gizmo looks like a good program and it was worth a shot.
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