AMD A10 series vs Inter i3,i5 series for budget laptop


Dec 25, 2015
I want to buy a laptop but I don't know what is the best choice for me in a decent price not more than 650$ ( around 600 €)

In time I've experienced with a lot of systems but mostly AMD and some Intel
Three years ago , I've bought an AMD system ( FM1-socket , A8-3850 , 4GB ram )
I was quite excited playing games and stuff but since I wanted more speed for video/image editing I've bought an GXT 660 3GB VRAM and after a while I've moved on a new motherboard with an FX-3820 3.2 GHz

Now I want a laptop for my business more no more than photo editing ( like Photoshop , GIMP )
with a dedicated video card in order to be able to upgrade in time .

Now I've seen a lot combinations either Inter or AMD but I cannot decide which one would be my best match .
Since my A8-3850 still runs without a separate GPU can hold games editing and more , but I've seen a lot of older Intel core 2 Duo still holding up for low level games and work stations

My question :
What is the best choice for a budget under 700$ and has the best chance to hold up well for years
Are A10 series worth trying or I will get disappointed ?

Since everyone picks Intel with his eyes closed please explain to me what and why you prefer one of them

My current choices :
HP :
1920 x 1080
AMD A10-8780P APU 2 GHz 2 MB Cache
Radeon R7 M360 DDR3 2 GB

At 550 € from where i find it

Dell :
Intel Core i5-5200U 2.2 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 920M - 4096 MB
up to 8192 MB DDR3-1600
1920x1080 pixel
1000 GB 5400 rpm, 900 GB free

At 700 € from where i find it

Often AMD system are being accused of overheating
Remember that I don't want it for more that photo editing but 'cause of that I need a full HD for the best resolution in that price


Dec 25, 2015
Hello rgd1101 thank you for your answer .

Don't you think that the Dell's nvidia is better than the HP's radeon about 4 vs 2 GB VRAM and the 8 VS 6 physical ram ?


Dec 25, 2015
I said not more than Photoshop
Remember that I don't want it for more that photo editing but 'cause of that I need a full HD for the best resolution in that price
I want it for programming and stuff but something reliable for Photoshop not the best though


Dec 25, 2015
So if I am correct, you are saying that the HP has better CPU and similar GPU , in contrary of the Dell thar has more RAM and more VRAM , right ?

And do you know if I can add more RAM to the HP , or the 6GB is its limit ?
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