amd10 or intel i5 or i7

Nov 21, 2013
hi i am a college student i have to buy a laptop from hp i need to use it for 3d modeling ,photoshop, cad drawings & i use for gaming wacthing movies surfing internet and torrent downloads

plz help whether i choose amd10 or intel i5 or i7 processor?
Getting a quad core i7 CPU (MQ, HQ, MX models for Haswell generation CPU) since 3D modelling is pretty intensive and can make use of more than 2 cores and can likely make use of Intel's Hyper Threading (HT). Intel CPUs are more powerful than AMD's APU. Assuming the same clockspeed Intel CPUs are around 30% more powerful than what AMD has to offer. That does not take into consideration HT. I'm pretty sure Photoshop and CAD programs can also make use of HT.

From a gaming perspective, assuming an A-10 and quad core i7 both have the same graphics chip, the i7 would perform better in CPU intensive games, the more dependent the game is on the CPU the wider the difference in performance. If you play Hitman: Absolution (which can make use of 4 cores) with a Radeon HD 8750m, the i7 laptop will provide better performance because it is CPU and GPU intensive game. The same can be said of Skyrim (uses 2 cores), the game performs better with Intel CPUs.

If you are going to rely on integrated graphic cores, then the A-10's integrated Radeon HD 8650g is a bit more powerful than the Intel HD 4600. Using desktop graphic cards as a comparison, the Intel HD 4600 would basically be equal to Radeon HD 5570. The Radeon HD 8650g would be equal to a Radeon HD 6670 with DDR3 RAM; that's about halfway between the Radeon HD 5570 and Radeon HD 5670 graphic cards.