Question Amp/Dac for Beyerdynamic DT770? (250ohm)

Mar 23, 2019
Hello, i'm about to order the dt770 , and i was wondering if i would benefit from an external amp+dac, given that i have a decent mobo (z270-a from asus) which has crystal audio 3 or somthing like that.. if so then what would you recommend?,im going to use them mainly for gaming. thanks.
p.s - i would probably go with the cheapest option

EDIT - i'm considering the SMSL M6 (

in case i buy this, do i need anything else with it - like additional cables/equip?
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This is your motherboard?

It uses the Realtek codec but it does have an onboard amp. I'd try the 770s with the board before I bought anything external especially for gaming. If the board can't get them loud enough then add a cheap amp. The board will also have the benefit of having virtual surround modes for gaming.