Question AMP & DAC for DT 990 Worth ?

Aug 7, 2021
Hello all,

maybe a stupid question but I have now for several weeks the DT 990 Black Special Edition (250 Ohm) and operate the on my onboard connection Asus B550-F GAMING. They also sound really good (never had "good" headphones :D) and are also loud enough for me.

Now I wonder if it's worth it to buy an amp and dac really bring an audible difference ?
Would be willing to spend so 100 - 250€, I've already looked around so a bit and the Topping L30 & E30 would please me visually very well.
Or if I still save a little, maybe the Topping A50s & D50s, which I find optically even better.

Sorry for my bad English

Greetings from Germany