Solved! Help with DT 990 combo


Mar 16, 2015
Hello there, I searched first a bit in the forum about what i need but i would like a personal opinion if possible.

I just bought DT 990 (250 ohm).
Havent received them yet but i am looking something to combo it to get the best results for my budget.
First i would like to check them on my pc without anything but i am almost certain i will need a sound card or something.
My main usage is for fps gaming but also music. Lets say 80% gaming 20% music.

Soooo what should i buy? I was thinking a sound card since i know nothing about DAC/AMP and i dont think i can afford them with my very tight budget. (80€)
I am between a soundblaster z (75€) and soundblaster AE-5 used for 5 months (70€).
I have seen some combos but they are either out of my budget or cant find them in my country.

What are your suggestions?
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