An operating system wasn't found after installing Windows 10 to M.2 SSD

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Jan 16, 2015
Morning everyone!

I recently bought a new laptop (MSI GL62M 7REX) and a Samsung Evo 970 500GB M.2 SSD.
The laptop had freedos installed on it's HDD.
When I got it I opened it up and installed the SSD right away. I then plugged in my Windows 10 installation USB stick and installed Windows on the SSD without problems.
When I tried to use the build in HDD though, I noticed it wasn't showing up in the explorer, so I checked Disk management and saw it was shown as unusable because it had freedos installed. Also Windows said it couldn't change anything about that Drive since it contained an OS.
I quickly looked it up on the internet (probably without doing enough research) and people said this could easily be fixed with a partition manager.
I installed one and decided to format the HDD since I would not need any of the data on it anymore anyways...

Everything looked fine until I tried switching it on again today and it keeps giving me the 'An operaring system wasn't found...' message.

I already checked my boot order, the SSD is set as the first priority.

I guess Windows did need that freedos on the other drive after all...any ideas what I can do now?

I am also away from home for half a year now so don't really have access to other computers too often...
1. Remove the HDD.
2. Install W10 on SSD.
3. Install HDD and format.

Boot information was probably on the HDD and you just messed things up a little.


Feb 14, 2006
Why must things be so complicated? If the SSD does not have a boot sector a modern BIOS wont boot to it or even consider it as a possible boot device if there is not boot information. There is simply a problem with your installation to the M.2 device.
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