Android 4.0 Capacitive Touch Screen Smartphone $196.99 is worth to buy


Jan 9, 2012
Searching online, i found this STAR A3 Android 4.0 Capacitive Touch Screen Smartphone. It's $196.99 available. Is it worth to buy?

Operating System Android 4.0
Touch Screen 4.0' Capacitive
Type of Display WVGA
SIM Card Configuration Dual SIM card dual standby
CPU MTK6573 (650mHz + 350mHz dual core)
Memory RAM 512 + ROM 512
Card Slot Up to 32GB T-flash card
Supports 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and TV
i have never heard of the star brand. my guess would be it is some sort of budget phone or some foreign brand. in either case i would have serious doubts about buying one.

if it is a budget brand, how reliable could it be? if it breaks who is going to stand behind it? certainly not any cellular providers.

if it is a foreign brand, who says it works on our frequency of gsm? also i would be concerned about reliability. the menu might not even be in english. the cellular providers would not help you out with it.

stick with major, lg, sony-erikson, etcetera.... bought from a cellular provider if you want zero issues.

can you hack in a foreign phone by using the sim card from your current phone? if it works on the same bands then yes you can. however, its at your own risk.

web ninja

Mar 10, 2012
As ssddx said, you have to be careful with foreign brands, but based upon specifications the phone looks like a great deal. If it's foreign you have to be aware support for the phone, SIM card frequencies, and durability. The next step would be to look into reviews for the phone.