Question Android Alcatel Raven Adjustments

Apr 3, 2019
Using Alcatel Raven LTE A574BL provided through really crappy Tracfone / Safelink service.
The sensitivity of the telephone keypad is Wrong. It should produce the number within a microsecond of the button being pushed, but it does Not.
The result is that you have to push one digit, wait one second. Push the next digit. This STINKS.

On the internet, all of the buttons and links are MUCH too sensitive, much too easy to leap somewhere you did not mean to click on.

HOW to adjust???
On some phones you can adjust them, on others you can't. The following is general instructions to try, but they may not work on that phone. Most cheaper phones don't have such ability and the fact that you are mentioning different sensitivity in different apps makes it seem more app related than screen related.

You can view the tutorial on that device here...

To try and change the sensitivity try the following, if it doesn't work, as mentioned above, or the option isn't there, then you may need a better phone.

  1. Go to "Settings" and then "Language and input".
  2. Scroll down and tap "Pointer Speed".
  3. Change the sensitivity to what you wish.
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