News Apple Glass could beat Google Street view with this killer feature

Sep 2, 2020
Wow. Tom... Q: with all of your intel combined, does this mean I will be able to use my iphone 12 as a scope on a fake gun and the glasses to provide the arena to play Halo 6 AR? Obviously right I'm a janitor at 343? I guess they halted Halo 2020 to add AR. God please let AR take over already. VR was around in 1998. Right before N64 came out, there was some dog shit red VR console. I forget what it was called but VR has a cyclical presence. Around every 10 years it comes out again... just like tubes that fly behind boats. People get sick of VR. It is just not comfortable. And the tubes become illegal because someone dies or breaks their neck falling off... ten years passes... 'hey virtual reality sounds fun. Think this Huge tube could fly if we go fast enough? There should be a tube that helps with a nice perpendicular lift.'