Apple Patents Smart iPhone Remote for Your Car

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Jul 3, 2012
Yeah, how about solutions for braindead people. Maybe if you cant recall where you parked you car, you shouldnt be even driving. Im sorry, but im a simple guy in this aspect: cars are cars because of awesome machinery, not because silly peripherals.
And anyway, why should this connect to a server? Fuck no, Apple, I dont like you knowing where I left my car, hell, this could be even used by Police Depts to catch incorrect parkings and give out tickets like crazy. We know you go holding hands with the gov


Pretty sure Ford and at least 2-3 other companies came up with this 2-3 years ago... remote starter, door lock/unlock, alarm arm/disarm, etc. using a phone/tablet app.
There is some merit to moving those functions from key-dongle to tablet/phone but I would not consider doing so patent-worthy by any stretch.
All this does is basically moving RF communications from proprietary anti-theft/starter designs to WiFi/Bluetooth but does not do anything fundamentally new.
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