Apple Recalling Select Verizon iPad 2s

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scuba dave

Jun 1, 2009
[citation][nom]ericburnby[/nom]LOL at people saying Apple doesn't make hardware. No they don't, but they do 99% of the work.I designed an automotive computer module to control drive-by-wire throttles. I first designed the circuit and simulated in software. Then I built actual circuits to test in the real-world (simulations are good, but they can't predict everything). To do this I design a circuit board and have a few samples made up that I hand assemble. This also goes through several revisions. I also wrote the software the microcontroller uses, and, of course, this involved a significant amount of testing. In all I had almost 700 hours of work put into this project.When it was time to build assembled versions, I had a fab company make it for me. I provided them with final versions of the circuit board and a bill of materials for all the components. I sourced all the electronic components (on reels) and had them shipped to the fab company. They then ran a batch of 1,000 of fully assembled circuit boards for me. Took them less than a day to set line up and a couple days later I had 1,000 fully assembled PCB's.So who do you think should get the credit for my hardware design? Me, or the fab company that followed my instructions and assembled something to my specifications?[/citation]

Bravo! I was going to say something just like that. One of my friends makes a rotory compression tester for rotory engines(i,e. RX-7) and I watched him start from nothing but an idea, and work, troubleshoot, program, etc, all the way up to completion. And the idea that outsourcing to a company that has the facilities, man-power, and resources to handle fabrication better and more cost effective than he can makes it less "His" or that he shouldn't get all the credit for it, is stupid. It's no different for Apple.
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