News Apple TV just got a massive upgrade — what you need to know

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Dec 21, 2023
While the new app design is certainly slicker, it seems like Apple has mixed up the TV content with the movie content on the store, and with more of a bias towards the latter.

Before, there was a handy toggle button at the top of the app that allowed you to switch between television content and movie content.

For someone who is autistic, the ability to focus on either TV or movie content was important because it shut out all the other visual clutter. Now, when you go to the Apple TV store, there is one stream dedicated to Top TV Seasons… then way down, past loads of movie streams, a few streams for Iconic TV Franchises, More Hit Shows, Bestselling Box Sets etc… but for me, the app is now a confusing mess of visual clutter.

I'm not interested in Add Channel or Browse by Decade or More to Explore.

What would be good is the opportunity to refine the streams but of course, that would lessen Apple's marketing drive to catch one's eye with colourful content that you then buy. Apple isn't really about user experience anymore; it's about users' wallets, which is why they are a $3 trillion company.
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