Apple Watch Series 3 vs. Series 4: Which Watch Should You Buy?

Sep 24, 2018
Male with small wrist. Originally purchased 38 mm. Upgraded to the 42. Thought it would be too big but the large screen made it worth it.

Dilemma of course is stainless vs aluminum. $ 300 difference is a lot. Stainless has only a few dollars more in trade in value.

Then I thought, it’s so negligible compared to depreciation on my car. With aluminum, I would definitely need AppleCare Plus. With stainless, no. My credit card adds 2 additional years of coverage on mfg warranty.

Buying AppleCare reduces the cost difference significantly. With just one cracked lens, AppleCare Plus and the deductible total $150. That brings the difference to $75 per year, over 2 years,

Is the Sapphire lens worth the difference?

My wife and I both have Rolex watches, purchased new in 1988.
Her gold stainless combo has a Sapphire. Bulletproof.
My GMT lens is some form of plastic. Now they are a Sapphire.
Have replaced the lens twice. Damage easily. Costly.
Can not replace lens with Sapphire, wrong fit.

My 8 month old Aluminum Series 2 has one scratch and two minor cracks. Replacement not needed, but irritating, Cracks happened during routine household activity.

How irritating that Apple is making people pay an extra $100 for cellular, when they only want stainless GPS,