Question Applications hanging on Samsung S4

Apr 27, 2020
Hi. I have old Samsung S4 with Android 5.0.1 and old weak battery. There are many issues with this phone and I was thinking about completely replacing it. However first I want to give it another chance... maybe there is some way to make it work better. Applications often hang up unexpectedely, sometimes the phone turns off (usually when it's under high load), only some SIM cards are detected (it's hard to say which ones will work and which ones won't). Generally there are lots of issues with this phone. First of all I want applications to stop hanging up. Do you think there is any way to fix it? Could this be the battery? Or is the problem somewhere else in the hardware... definately I won't bother replacing other parts than just battery. Or is it because of Android version (I don't think so...).Thanks.