Question Appropriate specs

Feb 26, 2023
My job has me working on a CMS (accessed via web). It's generally slow and prone to crashes, but I see it working substantially faster with far fewer crashes on my coworkers' computers. It also makes it very difficult for me to run other tabs on the side and nearly impossible to run other programs (notepad, music players, etc). Even without this CMS running, my laptop can be quite slow with Excel and Google docs, especially large ones.

I need a new computer anyway and I'm considering one with a 14-core processor and 32GB RAM that supposedly runs at a clock speed of 2.5 to 5GHz. My question is if this is a good choice or overkill for my purposes. If it's too much, what would you recommend? Should I be looking for more cores or threads, larger RAM or higher clock speed?
Web applications tend to have a lot more stress on the server they run on and also the bandwidth to the site from where you are.

You did not say what exact specs your current system has so no way to know if it will be worth upgrading or if some other issue is happening. Depending on the Excel functions and size of the data, a faster CPU can make a large difference, more so than RAM. I find a faster CPU is much better for Excel than going from 16 to 32GB of RAM.
I see, thank you. My current system has two cores and 8GB of RAM, with a clock speed of 2.3GHz. Should that be enough?

Probably not since you said it runs slow. Two cores and 8 GB is not really good for any type of data processing like Excel sheets with lots of data and calculations. 4 core/8 thread is about the minimum I would use. I did testing between Intel i5 and Intel i7 CPUs and even a one or two gen older i7 did the work faster in Excel.