Arctis 7 Charging issue

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Jan 9, 2019
Hello! So I just got the Arctis 7 2019 edition at Best Buy and I had them for almost a week now. At first when I would place them to charge, I didn’t focus on if it would show a Led or something to show that it is charging. And I was just wondering if the headset is just supposed to just not show any lighting when charging. It concerns me because I see some people say they mic breathes an illumination but mine doesn’t do that. But when I plug in the USB cable to charge onto my PC. The PC does detect it as a connected device, but I see not proof of the headset charging. I’m just concerned on how he charging method is supposed to work. I currently have them running right now till they die out and will see if they charge back up once I leave them on running overnight.


If after following your manual on how to charge and maintain the headset, it's not functioning as it should, you should open an email with Steelseries and the seller to notify them of your issue. You could try and reinstall the app Steelseries ask you to install.

Might want to read through this too.

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