Asus and Apple's multi touch track pads

the epic ninja

May 22, 2009
Hi, i'm a prospecting laptop buyer who is wondering how well asus's "smart pad" multi touch gesture pad compares to apple's multi-touch trackpads. I know that all of the macbooks' trackpads are gigantic and are surefire winners, but are asus's acceptable, easy to use, and accurate?

I've tried apple's trackpad and to be honest, it would be the determining factor for me to get a macbook. Asus doesn't advertise their laptops much, maybe a couple in bestbuy, so i haven't exactly tried one.

I am specifically thinking about the Asus UL series.


I love Asus equiptment. first of all they manufacture almost all their own interal equiptment like the motherboard and such. so they can sell things a bit cheeper for that reason but they have great warentee's, fantastic support and yes they are using the same multi touch feature that Apple uses which works great.

Apples one-up is their pad is glass and that technology is patened but the multi touch isn't. I'm also looking at buying the UL 80 series Laptop from Asus because of their technology.

I'm inclined to believe with the rise of apple so will rise the viruses that infect Apple computers. in the end the only real differnce between the two is the operating system all components are virtually the same.