Asus F550JX Idle and load temps


Feb 21, 2016
Hey guys! I have some questions regarding the idle and load temps on my laptop.

First of all, the laptop is new. It has like 2 weeks under its belt.
Second, all the drivers are up to date including the Win 10 updates and all.
Third, I have connected a cooling pad since I occasionally do some gaming but nothing too harsh.

Laptop specs: Intel i7-4720HQ, 8GB RAM, nVidia GTX 950M 4GB

My laptop idles at around 42-44 degrees Celsius which I find to be a bit odd since it's brand new and in addition I also have a cooling pad for it. To be honest, I don't see a very big improvement when I remove the pad. Around 4-5 degrees.

When on load (Dishonored at ultra & Skyrim at ultra) it goes up to around 75-80 after 1 hour of gaming.

Do you have any suggestions?