Mar 3, 2015
So I recently decided to get a laptop for heavy gaming and LAN party's.I was originally getting the Y50-70 but i saw the Asus G551JX for the same price and cannot decide which to get.The place im buying for i did a comparison.Here is a link to the comparison LINK
It says the Asus has an IPS Display which is way better compared to a TN Display on the Lenovo.

Having that decided that Asus display must be better the ram comes in effect.

The Asus has 16GB DDR3 while the Lenovo has 8GB DDR3.Not that i will need more than 8.

Then is the main concert the Graphic card.Having done a comparison on GPU Boss it says the Lenovo Card is better Compared to Asus.The Asus has a gtx950m 2gb DDR3 while the Lenovo has a gtx860m 4gb DDR5 ram.
So i really cant decide what laptop to get with my budget being under 85k Indian Rupee

And Asus is also throwing in a Gaming Bad,Optical Mouse and Gaming Headset
I would still go for the asus even though the lenovo has better specs. Here's why:

First I think the refresh rate of the lenovo is 48 ghz rather than 60. This is not good as you will only get 48fps if you have v sync enabled.

Second, asus has better cooling than the lenovo as far as I know.

Third the asus has an ethernet cable which is handy if you do a lot of online gameplay and want the best transfer rates.


I could be mistaken, but I think the 48Hz refresh rate on the Lenovo only applies to the model with the 4K screen.

Either way, I'd probably pick the ASUS, too.