Asus G71GX-RX05 vs. Asus G60VX-RBBX05


Nov 23, 2010
To start off, I'm looking for a budget gaming laptop and I've been searching forums high and low to see which is the best for my price range. I first looked at Asus mainly because I know of their quality, and I haven't read a single bad review on the company and their laptops. So that narrowed it down a lot, then I just looked at laptops in my price range. I didn't want a laptop with an integrated video chip. So I came across these two, the G71GX and the G60VX.

They are almost identical in hardware. Same Video Card (GTX 260M), same type of RAM(DDR2) but the G71 has 6gigs to the 4gigs on the G60. The G71 has a faster CPU rated at 2.53. But the G60 is only a 2.13. The G71 has a bigger but slower HDD. The G60 is slightly smaller but faster. The size really doesn't matter much because I'll be using my External HDD. The G71 is 17.1" screen, whereas the G60's screen is 16". The G71 comes with Vista(ewwwwwwwww), but the G60 comes with Win7(yay). I do however have a Win7 disk that I bought when it came out. So I could use install Win7, but then I would have to re-download all those programs from Asus.

Now the G71 has out of the box, unless it's been fixed, a GPU overheat issue that is fixed with a Bios update. But I'm so scared to flash a Bios. Scary, scary things can come from that.

I plan on playing games such as Bad Company 2, Borderlands, just about any source engine game, World of Warcraft in a 25man raid setting. So I'm hoping some of you that own either of these laptops can tell me what settings you play at for each game and what kind of fps you get.

But I would like to hear from you guys, which is the better choice, and maybe why. I would love to hear from you guys/gals on my situation. :hello:


What do you want to compromise on? ...noting that GPU is not upgradeable.

I might go for something like that:
- fastest Core i5
- 4GB DDR3
- A top GPU (maybe HD5870 or GTX 460M with 1GB GDDR3)
- If possible 1080p screen

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