Asus G751JT Random Shutoff


Dec 6, 2016
Hi all, I had an ongoing issue with my laptop for the past month. I posted in RoG's official forum with pretty much no help. Here is the rundown

1. Battery was dead+ random shutoff. Battery was replaced, problem persists
2. Battery was taken out. Problem persists but happens very randomly. I have had times where i have my computer running for multiple days without a single shutoff, and sometimes they happen as frequently as 15 minutes apart. It appears that the shutoff only happens when I play games (I play Starcraft 2 and WoW). I also notice that it seems to happen more frequently when I try doing more stuff, like running youtube video in the background as I play.

Additional information: in the past (maybe 8 months ago), I have had issues where my screen freezes (with lines appearing on screen) and requires a hard reboot. This has not happened since then, but I wonder if this is associated with the problem.

Edit: After reading through some threads in this forum, I am wondering if power supply can be a problem. I currently have not made any hardware modification other than installing an additional SSD. However, I don't have the battery installed. The power supply input is 100-240V ~3.2A. Output is 19.5V 11.8A.

Details below

Hi all,

I have purchased a G751 series gaming laptop last year. Everything was going smoothly except for 2 things.

1. The battery eventually deteriorated, which is kind of short (just one year). It went from 96% (plugged in, not charging) to 84% to 64% to now zero. It will start but very quickly randomly turn itself off. I would ***ume at this point I need to get a new battery? If I do, I have looked into it but did not find any OEM batteries anywhere. Can anyone give me a hand here? Is there anything else I can do other than getting a battery replacement that I can try while I find/wait for a new battery (for example, if I remove the battery would it eliminate the random shut offs that I ***ume is happening from critically low battery level)? If I absolutely cannot find an OEM now, is there a non-OEM one people can vouch for?

2. Even before the battery is completely unable to charge, I noticed that my laptop has a slow start when I boot it from being off. The "republic of gamer" icon will show up, disappear, and then show up again. Everything else is still performing similar to when the laptop is new; it's just the startup that feels longer than before. What can lead to this problem?

Update 1: 11/16/16: I took the computer into a repair shop to change the battery. The new battery works and charges, but the random shutoff still takes place both in and out of gaming.

We suspected that it may be a charging circuit problem and went ahead and removed the battery altogether, but the same problem persists when I am playing games (I tested this with WoW, Starcraft 2, and Counter Strike: GO): the computer actually shuts off as soon as one of these games is loaded, without giving a chance to do anything else. The computer works fine otherwise: I can load youtube videos over several days.

As far as software goes I have updated all BIOS as well as the GPU drivers, so I think all of my drivers are up to date.

Update 2: 11/26/16: I performed a cleansweep to clear my internet cookie/cache just as a routine maintenance. I can actually load into WoW now without the computer turning off. The game has been running for 30 minutes now (update: it shut off at 2 hour mark). I will continue monitoring to see if shutoff happens at any given point. I am unsure on why cleansweep may have had an effect on this.

Update 3: 12/5/16: I took it back to the computer store last Monday (11/28/16) and left it there. The repair personel there was unable to repeat my problem of having shutdown so I took it back on 12/1/16. Laptop ran fine without shutdown for 3-4 days until this morning (12/5/16) with another shut down. I will continue to monitor it to see if it starts happening again more frequently.

This is extremely frustrating and honestly a laptop lasting barely past warranty is something that is unacceptable. Thanks for your help.


Dec 7, 2016
The problem you are describing sounds just like what would happen if you had a power supply that was outputting a lower wattage than the computer is needing. Looking at Asus's website they list the laptop power supply as "Output :19.5 V DC, 9.23 A, 230 W" which I would assume is a typo since 19.5VDC at 9.23A would be 180W (unless somebody can correct me with how what they wrote makes sense), but the user manual lists the power supply output the same as what you put above: 230W, 11.8A, 19.5V and I am inclined to trust the manual more.

It is possible that your power adapter is failing and unable to output a consistent 230W, which would cause your battery to drain under heavy use while plugged in, and could very easily be the cause of intermittent shutoffs with no battery plugged in if the computer tries to pull more power than the supply is giving.


Dec 6, 2016

Hi W00sey,

Thank you for your answer. I suspected that it could have been the power supply as well and ordered a new one. However the shut off is still happening, albeit less frequently (need more time to confirm this). This makes me think that the power supply is not the issue, or at least not the only issue.

I think if the issue lies within the motherboard or cpu/gpu it might more practical to just replace the laptop, as the labor and material cost involved in fixing it up is probably not worth it at that point.

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