Asus keyboard: certain keys work intermittently

Oct 14, 2018
Hi. Can anyone help me diagnose this problem. Have an Asus laptop, great spec but 7 years old. Works fine still in all respects, but on start up certain keys do not work (s, 5, 6 and just a few more). After a while, and after booting up appears to have fully finished, they come back on line and work again fine, but this can take 5 minutes or so and they work again at no apparent trigger point. I have done a Windows 10 reinstall and stripped back all the software to try to remove any software conflicts and the laptop itself is working as good as I would expect it to at its age and an old i5 processor - but losing a small handful of keys intermittently at start up for no apparent reason is really annoying and makes me think I am going to have to shell out for a new laptop. Such a shame as this one has an i5, 6gb ram and 17" screen and I love it in all other respects and still is fast enough to be totally usable. Any pointers gratefully received.


Might want to share the model of your Asus laptop and an SKU would help us two fold. To me it looks like your HDD is taking time to load all necessary app's and drivers which explains why you gain functionality after all items have loaded up. Might want to see if there's a grinding noise coming from your HDD. After 7 years on one HDD, I'm sure the slow boot up is an indication of it giving up the ghost. You could look into an SSD if you're in the market for an HDD replacement.
Oct 14, 2018
Thanks very much for quick reply! The model is an N73SV-TZ193V. Is that enough info? I have just googled how to do a full system info export and could post that but there is tons of info! Many thanks again

PS - no noise from HDD
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