Asus laptop e403n screen not working

Sep 28, 2018
My ASUS laptop (e403n) won't turn on. Last night I was using it and tried to use headphones, but it didn't work. These headphones had worked with the laptop before, but the sound only came through the laptops speakers. I closed the laptop and left it in my room for the night. When I tried to use it again, the screen won't turn on. The light bulb icon keeps flashing, and when I plug it into the charger, the battery icon doesn't light up.

I have tried holding the power button for 20-40 seconds, and tried to use the charger after I did that. Still no luck. I've used fn + f7 and fn + f6 repectively. Any tips or help would be appreciated.


Feb 27, 2014
"and when I plug it into the charger, the battery icon doesn't light up." Much of what you said points to some intermittent motherboard power problem. Except this. If you want to save money though, - use the voltmeter to test your PSU first. Make sure the board receives power. (use voltmeter leads on inside and outside the plug at the end of the wire when it's plugged in. If the hole is too thin for the voltmeter lead - use the paper clip to put inside and touch positive lead to paperclip. Be careful not to short it - the + and - shouldn't touch each other. If you don't have a voltmeter at home - invest in one, it's only a couple of bucks - a great tool to have at home. The voltage should read between 12 and 20 volts, depending on your laptop. If there is no reading - or it's extremely low (latter could cause the issues you describe) your PSU died and needs replacement, and you could just order one online or buy a universal PSU at a PC store. It's around $20-30. If there is power - just take it to a repair shop. Motherboard/other peripherals may need to be replaced. Good luck

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