ASUS laptop GPU extreme temperatures


Jan 24, 2013
Hey guys! I'm new to the forums here. I like the community so far, you all seem to be so helpful and knowledgeable!
I've been reading posts for a little while and decided to make an account to post and ask a question about my laptop.

I have an ASUS G60Jx that I've had for 4 years now. This summer while I was playing Diablo 3 I noticed the temperature was getting just a little above what it usually does - when the GPU is being used extensively and there's plenty of clearance space for ventilation I would peak at around 80c. It only used to peak at around 70 or 75c.

My laptop is mainly used for school and isn't my primary gaming rig, I have a desktop for gaming. I wanted to get my girlfriend into Minecraft, so we were LANning with my desktop and my laptop last night and I noticed my GPU (nVidia 360m) temp was peaking at 105c :ouch: This is waaaaay too high for my comfort, I shut it down and let the GF use my desktop and I decided to do homework instead.

I honestly have never even opened the laptop myself because it was my understanding that opening it myself voided the warranty. Now the warranty is up anyway and I'd like to see what I can do to get those temps back to a comfortable range. I built my tower by myself, but I don't know the first thing about laptops.
Any suggestions as to what I should look for? I mean, I have a can of air I'm gonna use to blast everything clean, but what should I do/look for beyond that?
Any help at all is appreciated!
It's likely due to dust build up inside the laptop. Opening up the laptop should give you an opportunity to clean out any dust trapped inside.

You might want to replace the thermal between the CPU / GPU and the heatsink. Good thermal paste are Arctic Silver 5, MX 4, IC Diamonds to name a few. Of course you need to clean up all the old thermal paste first. For best results use 90%+ rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol and a lint free cloth.