Asus laptop horizontal line problem


Sep 8, 2013
i've bought a new asus a46c notebook 3 weeks ago, and yesterday when i woke up and turned on my laptop, a horizontal line showed up right even before the windows boot screen. (yes i have tried to open the BIOS screen, but the line was still there)

the horizontal line seems to be dot patterned ( i don't really know how to describe it, but it was 1 pixel black and the next pixel to it was normal -pattern ). so is there any solutions to this problem ? right now i'm just gonna try to re-install the nvidia driver, and i'm not really certain that it could worked out.

i have also tried the system restore, but it doesn't really have any effect. and hours of searching on the internet doesn't give me an answer.

so should i install both the intel HD Graphics 4000 and the nvidia 740M drivers ?

i've also rarely used this notebook because i'm still working mostly using my PC, never dropped it too :\

please did anybody had the answer, thanks and i'm sorry for my english.

spec :
-i5-3317U, 1,78 GHz
-Nvidia Geforce 740M, but somehow DXDIAG showed that it uses an Intel HD Graphics 4000 1,696 Ghz
-4 Gb RAM