Question Asus laptop will only turn on for a second

May 9, 2019
Hello. I have a very big problem. I have an ASUS X541NA. And this already happend to me 2 times. As I was using it, it restarted itself. And i turned the power off because I didn't know what to do. And so I tried to turn it on again. I long pressed the power button and it turned on for only a second. It had a sound to it as it turned off by itself. I looked at some of your responses for other people's problems, but I didn't want to open the back of my laptop. My Antivirus expired, I was wondering if that was one of the reasons.

I hope you can help me. The last time my laptop was like this I waited a week for it to turn back on.
Sounds like you may have an overheating issue. The only way to know would be to either wait a while and try it again, and if nothing was permanently damaged, then it should be able to turn back on. However, then you will want to monitor the temps to see what is actually overheating.

Then you would have to open it up and clean it out (dust, debris, etc.) possibly also replace the thermal pastes. Or if it is the fan that is the issue, possibly replace the fan itself.

Now if it won't turn back on, even after some time to cool, then something may have already fried and need replacing.

If you don't feel comfortable opening it up yourself, or not sure you would be able to do any internal work needing to be done, then I would suggest either contacting the manufacturer (if the laptop is till under warranty) or, if not, try a local tech.
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May 9, 2019
It actually started working suddenly yesterday. And so I was happy. I did what i fo in a regular basis, and then, the cursor won't move, so i decided to shut down the computer using only the keyboard. And it was good as new. And then it happend again. I thought it was because my laptop windows 10 was updating, and i always shut it down while it was restarting. But it happend again this afternoon.

I started to think it's because of my antivirus expiring, but we didn't put anything in the laptop. Maybe time will just be the solution. But if it does happen again next month, I will be sure to contact a local tech!?
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