Asus ME301T 10.1" tablet flickering backlight


Jul 5, 2010
I have picked up from the bay, this broken tablet, that could not be turned on.
I have managed to turn it on after I have charged it and updated it, which did not help.
The problem is that plugged in the backlight is not going full power and it keeps blinking.
When the charging cable is unplugged, the backlight never turns on, nothing can be seen on the screen.
All software stuff is turned off, brightness is at maximum.
To me, it seems like not all LEDs are lit up.
The charging LED blinks on and off, with the backlight. Some king of shortage? Since last night when it was charged to 100%, next morning it was showing 74% and it wasn't used at all.
Tried to wiggle all the ribbon cables, took the tablet apart, put it all together, no change.
It could be something in the LCD? Bad contact on the PCB or LEDs?
I have some experience with LCD/LED TV repairs, some laptop and other electronics. This is a hobby for me.
I'm in Los Angeles.
Any help would be appreciated.