Feb 22, 2006
Well it all depends on your needs and budget. I'm not sold on a touch screen on a laptop, but that is up to you if that matters. The HP looks like a 15.6" laptop and the Asus is a 17" laptop, so if you don't mind the bigger size than keep that in mind when choosing.

Here are things I look for in a laptop:

* Use of the laptop (i.e. Gaming, Video editing, etc.)??
* Screen size and resolution.
* RAM slots, 1 or 2 slots available?
* HD, is it a 7200 rpm one? Do you have additional HD expansion slots?
* Keyboard, does it have a 10 key? Is it LED backlight?
* dGPU, does the laptop come with a dedicated GPU?
* Are there enough ports and the ones that I want? USB 3.0/HDMI/etc.
* Does it have a DVD drive? if I want one?
* Does it meet my batter needs, can it last long enough on battery for my needs?
* Does the laptop meet my weight requirements?
* Is the model a good one, reviewed much or a reputable brand/model?
* Does it fit my budget needs?

Main things I see (I like the Asus better, but there are other options out there depending on your needs):

* 1600 x 900 resolution is okay, but on a 17" laptop I would like to see 1920 x 1080 (personal preference)
* Dedicated 740 GPU is okay, but definitely better than no dGPU

* Dual HD's installed! 240 gb SSD & 1 TB HD.
* 16 GB's of RAM, not needed for 99% of things, but might be okay to have.