Question Asus Q525 - Display Issues When Handled - Case Issue?

Mar 28, 2022
I took apart a Q525 to upgrade the HDD to a SSD. Once back together, the laptop worked fine until handled. Grabbing it a certain way or setting it on an uneven surface causes the display to start going haywire, such as showing nonsense or deformed images of the screen.

There was some difficulty getting the bottom cover back on, so I am assuming it may still be not quite right and putting pressure places it should not. That being said :

-Does this sound like a most likely scenario?

-Could it be something was broken inside like a plastic cover standoff that kept the case from bending/pulling/touching the motherboard/ribbons?

-Are there are other possibilities?

I could not find any schematics of the layout to make sure I was double checking the right cables or section of the motherboard. The bottom cover also seems to fit strangely where the hinges are. If I did not put in a screw, opening the lid/display popped off the bottom cover near the hinge. I tried to take it off and on a few times but I must be missing something with how it clips on or seats on the hinge side of the laptop. If anyone has any suggestions or experience with this particular issue, I would appreciate some tips on getting it back on easily.

Thank you.