asus rog fan at full speed ...all the time from start to shutdown

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Sep 28, 2018

I own a ROG ASus GL702Z gaming laptop for a few months, and i have the following issue.
my cpu fan is working at full speed all the time for a few days now, i`ve had this problem some time ago but i managed to make it work at normal speed
here are the things i tried that worked in the past, but now nothing is working:
1. update all the drivers
2. upgrade or downgrade the bios
3. shuting down the laptop and reseting the bios to default setts
4. reinstalling windows
5. installing fan control software
and now i guess u will gonna say that is a hardware related issue but when i went to the showroom where i bought it the fans were working normally and the guys didnt want to sent it to the warranty service after making a short test
problem is after i came back with it , it was working fine for a few weeks but now the fan is at full speed all the time and it wont come to a normal one, if i reset the laptop the fan wont stop at all and if i shutdown and boot the laptop the fan is working normal until it enters the windows os.

i have window 10 pro os

do u have any ideea about this issue..i know there are many threads about this but nothing seems to work
Nov 13, 2018
I found a solution for my Asus ROG G752VY. Unfortunately i wasn't able to find the original link for the firmware update they provided from the original poster but i still have the download and provided it for you all through this link:

I can verify that it has indeed solved my problem with the crazy fan issue! The exact issue i had was that running FL Studio caused my fan to boost up like crazy and not turn off til completely shutting down my laptop. It was a pain. I closed out of all open applications then extracted the files from the zip. It took not more than 15 sec before i got a message that my force update was completed. Once the message popped up, I closed out of it (by pressing the "ok" button on the prompt) and shut down my laptop. Turned it back on, ran FL studio and i'm going on 15 min now with no crazy fan noise. Hopefully this helps others!
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