Asus rog gl502vt won't turn on, power led always on...


Nov 14, 2016
Hello, I received today this gaming notebook and I was very happy, when i took the notebook out of the box I pluged in the ac cabble and the orange led appeared (battery is charging) then I tried to boot it up and the big problem started:
When I pressed the power button, the orange led turned off and the white one (power) turned on... the led never blink, its all the time on.
The strange thing is that if I hold the power button for more than 10 seconds the power led turns off until I release the power button, then the led turns back on...
If i plug in the ac only the power button turns on, I need to remove the battery in order to turn the led off...
The entire hardware except the ppwer led is dead, no life at all.
I don't know what to think, I'm so upset at the moment...
I already tried to restart the bios, maybe I need to do it 4-5 times, I only tried once.
Is there a solution or I just need to send it back to Amazon and get a replacement?
Thank you in andvance.