Asus rog or surfacebook? Which should i buy?


May 13, 2016
After thorough research i have shortlisted asus rog gl552vw -dh71 and surfacebook 8gb ram dgraphics i76600U 256gb ssd

Mainly i would be programming on my laptop with some gaming occassionally. Gaming isnt a very big focus. Portability and low temperatures is. Cleary the asus rog is more powerful than surfacebook and cheaper, but the tablet feature of surfacebook appeals to me as i do a lot of reading on my laptop and that thing will come in handy.
In the other hand surfacebook doesnt have hdmi or usb type c ports which are a big dissapointment. I want a very sturdy and good build quality laptop as i would be travelling a lot.
I am confused which should i go for?
I would not get the dual core i7 when you could still get the Asus ROG with the quad i7 6700hq and 16GB ddr4 RAM for less than $1000.


Dec 17, 2012

Do yourself a favor and get the asus. The surface book is really pricey and isn't all that great. If you really like reading a lot maybe get yourself a dirt cheap E-reader those usually are a more pleasant experience in comparison to a tablet (hurts the eyes less).