Question Asus Vivobook 15 X505BP black screen

Jan 9, 2020

Managed to get Black screen when reinstalling Windows 10.

I tried to reinstall Windows 10 using USB drive. That prompted me to enter in BIOS (UEFI?) and remove secure boot.

After that it all went well. Installed windows and then I started installing windows updates. After a while I came back to see some bios screen popped up. Regretfully I didn't read pay much attention and just quit the bios. After that I was no longer able to boot it up. It just starts in black screen and after few second the fan just starts spinning full speed.

I thought of resetting CMOS, but to my surprise there was no CMOS battery. So I removed the regular battery, removed charger and pressed power button for minute or two in hopes that that will do the trick, but with no luck.

Also tried to remove HDD/SSD in hopes that it will boot into bios if no drives were to be found, but no luck to that too.

What are my options here?
How did you quit the BIOS? Just reset or did you just close the BIOS?

Try while the laptop is on:
1. Please force a shut down by long pressing the power button until the LED indicator goes off and then unplug the AC adapter.

2. Re-plug the AC adapter in and press the power button again to resume the BIOS update. Do not unplug the AC Adapter or interrupt the process until the BIOS update is completed. Once completed, the system should be back to normal usage.

3. Please enter the BIOS utility and load the BIOS default settings (F9) before saving and exiting (F10).
Jan 9, 2020
BIOS screen was unresponsive, so i powered it off with power button. But nothing was indicating that it was updating BIOS. I already tried powering off/on several times in different variations. Nothing seems to be working
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