Atari 2600 Display Issues


May 1, 2010
My Atari 2600 is acting very interesting lately. Usually, every game (and the console) I have is displayed in NTSC. 2 days ago, I set it up to a VCR. It didn't work. When I set it up using the RF Modulator, greens were blues, blues were pinks and so on. To my dismay (and relief), I found out that all the games I had were being displayed in PAL and not in NTSC. That was weird because all my TVs are displayed in NTSC. Is there a way for me to get the display back to NTSC or do I need to replace some parts.

There are PAL to NTSC adapters, NTSC to PAL adapters, But I'm not sure what you are asking(?) An NTSC VCR will not work correctly with PAL input and vice versa. No, you do not need to replace any parts. Perhaps if you state the question with more details?