Question Audio extraction problem from projector

Feb 9, 2019
Hi guys

I hope someone can figure out what I'm doing wrong

I have a BenQ TK800 projector connected with HDMI to an HDMI splitter that has spdif. This splitter is connected to my LG 5.1 receiver through spdif.

Then I have all my HDMI devices connected to the splitter

The problem is the sound is still coming through the projector's speakers and not through the LG 5.1 system.

Can someone please tell me what to do to get the sound of all my HDMI devices through the receiver.

Here is a link to the splitter I'm using:
Try the different audio settings. 5.1 or auto should be correct. The switch might send audio out of the HDMI output too so turn the volume down on the projector.
I would also check that the spdif input on the LG is working by directly connecting that to a source instead of the switch.
The switch itself might be bad.
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