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Question Audio on soundbar from tv when watching Netflix

Jul 2, 2019
Followed gregates directions with monoprice 5557. Cable box to 5557 input via hdmi and 5557 output via hdmi to LG tv. Optical digital cable from 5557 to sound bar. When watching Netflix audio on soundbar is from tv.
Jul 2, 2019
The audio is coming from the cable box connected to hdmi1 even though I have switched to hdmi2 where chromecast is plugged in. I have tried turning off the cable box as well as having the tv as input to 5557 splitter box - no luck. So question is how do I get the audio from Netflix on my soundbar?
Is the firmware of the chromecast and the TV up to date?

Ah, ok. Didn´t see, don´t know why, that you are using this switch. I don´t think this switch can work in this constellation. The input of the chromecast is missing to the 5557.

Which LG TV is it? Does it have an optical audio output?
Remove the switch and plug in an optical cable directly from the TV to the sound bar.

The TV can´t be used via HDMI to be an input to the switch. It´s not a splitter.
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Jul 2, 2019
Oh that it was as simple as plugging the optical cable into the tv. My LG has no audio output. The Monoprice 105557 is an hdmi splitter that I thought may resolve the issue. Prior to installing the 105557 the setup was:
Chromecast dongle in hdmi2 on back of tv.
HDMI from cable box to tv.
RCA cables from cable box audio output to tv.
This setup gives me audio on the soundbar only from tv even on hdmi2 as audio is coming from cable box.
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