Audio over network cabling


Feb 8, 2017
I know this is probably impossible but... is there a way to connect a speaker to the audio device over network cabling which also includes a switch?

I'm already using Cat5 LAN cable for extending speaker's wire, but now I'd like to remove the wire, plug the speaker into wall outlet and connect stereo to the other wall outlet.
I have couple of PCs (servers) running all the time, laptop, printer, cameras... connected in network over switch.

I'd have to use A/D and D/A converter for connecting stereo to network, but I'm not sure how exactly would signal travel through network from stereo to speaker as speaker doesn't have an IP address and so on...

I could just patch two ports on the switch directly but I'm still not sure that would work. Also, I'd like not to damage any piece of equipment I have. :)
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