Audio Receiver died, connect Active Sub + 2 Speakers to Sound Blaster ZxR?


Sep 30, 2015
Hey guys,

my Harman Kardon HS100 just died on me and now im left with the Harman Kardon HKTS 7 Speakers that where connected to it. i have a sound blaster zxr sound card. Is it possible to connect the sub and 2 speakers ( front l/r) to the soundcard without an additional receiver? ive been using the sb zxr with my K712 Pro's and the HS100 trough optical output before. i dont know how to connect it, if it even is possible. here on page 9 to 11 are the speaker connections.

do i have to buy a new receiver or just some cables? i dont care about 5.1 , front left/right and sub would be enough for my needs on my pc.

thanks in advance