Question Audio Setup for a Weight Room

Sep 2, 2020
Hello. Brand new to posting, but have lurked for quite some time. I cannot seem to find a good answer for my question. I am setting up an audio system for our new large weight room. I plan on hanging four Alto TS310 (one from each corner of the room) from the ceiling and using one powered subwoofer. This would give us great coverage of the entire space as it is rather large. My question is, what is my best option for sending signal to these speakers. We want granular control of the audio source, something like a receiver, in which we can either use the bluetooth source of the receiver, or do a usb connection from a laptop, or lastly an audio in jack from a phone. What do you think my best option is for this?
I know you can daisy chain the Altos together through their XLR outputs. Do you think any old Wal-Mart special cheap reciever with a single RCA output would work, utilizing an RCA out to XLR cable to connect to the first Alto speaker?
Thoughts, comments, concerns?
Thank you!
With any receiver the best way to connect it would be to run the L/R speaker wires to the closest Alto location and connect a speaker to line level converter to them. That will give you an RCA output that you can connect to the Alto with RCA to XLR adapters. The speaker wires will drive the long cables better and be cheaper.

A cheap receiver would need bluetooth and two aux inputs.
You could add an external USB DAC if the analog audio from the laptop isn't good enough. Using a second speaker to line level converter at the sub would provide a full range input for the sub. A real subwoofer output would work better but it would not be common on cheaper receiver.

If your budget allows
this is pretty close to exactly what you need, It has built in HEOS streaming so you may not need the laptop, phone connection or BT at all. Control it with the app.