Audio system is usb better?


Apr 17, 2007
I have basic understanding of many things computer wise. I am building a new computer and because I need a new one I have a very old system and haven’t built a computer since 1999.

I have most of my parts earmarked at least the parts I am considering at the moment. The biggest thing for me is sound.
This is more important to me than a good video card, the reason for this is certain loud bass frequencies make me physically ill, other sounds can do the opposite and make me feel very nice.

This is just some basic information as to why I sound is important to me.

I have been looking at new speakers for my new system and have noticed more than a few have a USB interface.
So I would like to know if a USB Interface speaker set would benefit from an audio card and if not, what would be a good audio solution in this day and age.