Automatically extract data from website to Excel sheet


Sep 29, 2014
Actually I don't know that whatever I am going to ask is possible or not.

Actually I want to do result analysis of a class which includes Result of all student as wells as subject wise grades, topper of class etc etc.....

Now there are so many students ( average 60 students per class & total 12 classes)

Results are available online over the website of university. You can check website by following the link given below:
Page looks like this

I just want to get these online reults on my excel sheet in organised manner so that I can Do my analysis easily.
Currently I am typing all this. & my excel sheet is like this

Now is there any easy way so that I can do result analysis easily. without typing or copy paste them.
OR say any way to link this page directly to excel or google sheets.

If there is any other suggestion then also welcome....