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  1. ssduarte92

    Solved! What resources should I upgrade to work with heavy Excel files?

    Hello everyone, With COVID-19 around, my boyfriend's company sent everyone home with a laptop to work, but sadly for him, as a financial analyst, he works with pretty heavy Excel files with thousands of lines and gets incredibly frustrated just saving, editing, opening a file. So I wanted to...
  2. S

    Opening a worksheet automatically with Excel for ipad

    In excel for ipad is ther a way to open a worksheet automatically when you tap on the excel icon
  3. B

    Solved! Formatted Print of Multiple Excel Worksheets

    Hi Everyone, I have been struggling to resolve an issue for some time. I have data from 3 separate worksheets that I need to streamline a printing process for. I would like to be able to print in some simple way, data from all 3 worksheets and have the end result of 1 page of horizontal data...
  4. N

    Solved! Excel extraction (pattern)

    Hi Guys, I have a large number of excel file that I want to take and import into SQL... Now normally I would just do a simple Bulk Insert but the sheets are not all the same... But they do have a pattern to them. The pattern is that the information is in a 10 column wide grid then a empty...
  5. A

    Solved! Dell XPS 13 two-finger touchpad scrolling freezes office 365 excel only using OneDrive

    A two finger touchpad scroll freezes screen when using Office 365 Excel when on document using OneDrive. Is ok if doc is from the HD. Also, no problem with external mouse. Touch pad works fine in every other application. Any ideas?
  6. C

    Solved! Looking for a laptop under £300.

    Looking for a laptop for sisters school work. 1. What is your budget? Ideally £250 however can go to £300 if its worth it 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15+ 3. What screen resolution do you want? 720p ? not too sure on laptop resolutions. 4. Do you need a...
  7. V

    Solved! Edit / Right Click options automatically display but keyboard will not allow character entry

    I am running Windows 7 on an HP PC and I suspect that a series of keys were depressed on my keyboard - now when I open EXCEL or attempt to type input into the Windows Start --> Search programs or when I attempt to enter data into the Search box of Control Panel or File Search, I get a popup box...
  8. S

    Simple RPG EXP formula BUT!, in MS excel (??) :(

    Hello guys, i am in an urge to solve this problem. So, the story behind is there’s a game designing challenge that i wanted to participate and i went trough the application form, They asked my to make experience formula for RPG games, BUT ! it had to be in MS Excel. Can you guys enlighten me ...
  9. S

    Right side numeric keypad stopped working ONLY on Excel

    Yesterday my right hand number keypad stopped working ONLY on excel (windows 10, desktop PC). I have numlock ON and the Ease of access settings definitely have "Turn on Mouse Keys" un-checked. These are the only 2 fixes I have found online. Can anyone help??
  10. J

    Solved! Acer es15 waiting

    My Acer ES 15 is stuck on waiting symbol (circle), I have tried to reboot three times but no joy. Every time I try to open up Word, Excel it still does the same thing. Also can’t close down any web pages.
  11. P

    shift key macbook pro

    In Excel the shift key does not highlight an area of cells anymore, can anyone help Also the dot between numbers and decimal places has changed to a comma how do I change it back to a dot.
  12. L

    My computer crashed and I need to open EXCEL on a different computer that doesn't have Microsoft Office on it. Is there a prog

    While my computer is getting repaired, I need to access Microsoft Office files that I've saved on a flashdrive. Is there an online program that can read these? I don't want to pay for a one-time-use of Microsoft Office on this borrowed machine.
  13. B

    is "KeePass" trusted?

    I have been looking for freeware to keep all my passwords in one place. Is "KeePass" a good option? Will it steal my passwords? Is it a solution better than saving my passwords on Excel or spreadsheet? I am currently writing down all my forums emails' password in an unprotected excel file on...
  14. R

    Thinkpad X or T?

    Hi, I need portable computer. What I like most is thinkpad either X or T model. Sometimes I use excel f.x for powerpivot. Both T and X model has resolution of 1900x1080. Is X model too small for excel? What is your opinion?
  15. R

    Forgot password in Excel 2013

    Hi guys, i forgot my password in an excel 2013 document, and I cannot find a way to open it. Do you have any steps on how can I use my file again?
  16. 7

    Excel: Total of some cells equal to a specific value

    Hello everyone, I have an excel spreadsheet in which there are some random numbers available and I want to find out the specific total. Let's say I have 4 numbers in colmun 80, 40, 20, 90 in separate rows and I want to find out which rows add to 130. Any help on this? PS: I am a beginner in...
  17. J

    Solved! How to create Excel chart from email addresses and dates

    I'd like to create a stacked column chart in Excel by feeding it email addresses and months. Here is an example of the data: Email__________ | Month John@google.com | Mar John@google.com | Mar John@google.com | Oct John@google.com | Nov Jane@google.com | Jan Jane@google.com | Feb...
  18. R

    Suggestions for Laptop

    So I'm a big gamer, but as far as work goes I'm limited to basically Excel and a bunch of browser stuff...My little brother is looking for a laptop; he's not really a gamer at all, but he does want it to run photoshop smoothly...so I'm not sure what you want your strong-points to be for that...
  19. K

    Laptop for Internet, Word, and Excel

    Hey Guys, I am looking to purchase a new laptop basically for the purposes of surfing the internet and creating documents on word and excel. I am on the go for my job so I would like for it to be portable and have a long battery life. I would like good memory space as well. Do you have any...
  20. E

    Microsoft Excel didn't recover

    Hi. One of the worst things that ever happens, Excel didn't recover!! I'm using Excel 2007 in Windows 7. I had a dozen or so files open. Some I had saved regularly, others were new documents [Books], that I had never saved, and some in between. I think another program I had open was using a...
  21. L

    Solved! Problem with Microsoft Excel Program

    "Microsoft Excel has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." I can't get into any spreadsheets I have prepared. It just sits there with the above to look at.
  22. A

    Protect Hyperlink with Password

    I have a hyperlink in excel which i mistakelnly shared with others and now i want to add password to that link. Kindly help.
  23. E

    Windows 7 - Excel - Default Program

    Hi. I bought a new computer with Excel 2016 installed. I have two older versions that I use so I never bothered opening 2016. One day I accidentally did, and now my settings are screwed up. Normally you just Right Click > Properties > Change, then find the program file you want to use. Since I...
  24. T

    unable to paste text on excel

    hi there, i'm working on an excel spreadsheet, and basically i have to copy text from a pdf file to an excel sheet. sometimes, without doing anything different i stop being able to paste, on the cell or on the formula cell (i've been pasting there because of different formatings in the text). i...
  25. B

    Will the format change when exporting to PDF?

    Hello Is PDF file universal for all versions and all PDF reader? I am going to export an EXCEL file to PDF, which only contains English letters and alphabet number 1,2,3,..... In other words, if a PDF file shows correctly here in my PC , will it show correctly too on another random PC with...
  26. G

    I don't have excel in my ASPIRE ES15 , I need it what shall I do

    Is it normal that ACER ASPIRE ES15 has no excel?
  27. L

    Excel Hyperlink takes me to the wrong place

    I have 2 gmail e-mail accounts 1 private and 1 business. When i am in business e-mail account I highlight the address of the clients e-mail copy and paste it as a hyperlink in Excel. When I click on this Hyperlink it takes me to My private e-mail inbox. If I copy the address directly into google...
  28. B

    Excel questions (beginner)

    Hi I am very new to Excel I'd like to create a table in Excel where I can put in some information like Name, Gender, Age, Job etc... and then I'd like it to update the information to a table on another sheet or another excel file How can I do that? Another example is , I am creating an...
  29. B

    Excel beginner questions on combination of sheets

    hi I'd like to create three sheet on an Excel file. The first sheet is a record of my expenses only and the second sheet is a record of my income only and the third sheet is an automated combination of the expenses in the first sheet and the income in the second sheet, arranged according to...
  30. B

    opening a docx or excel template downloaded from web, any risks?

    I mean, downloading a docx or excel template from a website, and uploading it to Google drive and execute them online with google, and do NOT execute it locally. Is there any risks of getting virus or spyware something
  31. M

    versatile use of vlookup

    Good afternoon. I want to learn how to use v look up in MS Excel
  32. S

    Mobile CPU suited for Excel work (macros)

    I need to buy a laptop for somebody who needs it for Microsoft Excel work with macros (formulas, calculations), in economic/financial sector. He is just starting to work, so he is probably not doing very advanced stuff, but in the future he probably will. I don't work in Excel, so I am not...
  33. M

    Need excel, have chromebook

    I own a (windows 7) desktop and a chromebook. This has never been a problem before, and I love ChromeOS, but I have begun working as an intern in a research lab and I need to use my own laptop. The lack of true Excel is debilitating when it comes to analyzing data and I really need Windows. Is...
  34. E

    32 bit to 64 bit Excel

    Hi. i have an excel 32 bit code . can i run it on office 2016 64 bit ? actually it gives error . thanks in advance
  35. O

    heavy excel use

    Due to time passing some past topics are irrelevant now. So please , I need I powerfull laptop for processing in excel. I' using DELL- E7440 i5 4310U, Cpu 2GHz 2.60 Ghz, RAM 8 Gb, 150 GB SSD. but is running slow on heavy conditions in excel (*like using many if functions ) So please advise with...
  36. E

    Best laptop for work emails and excel

    Hi I am looking for a laptop to do my emails and use excel and Microsoft and sort invoice files. Can anyone one reccomend one that's not slow and suitable for this I have a budget or up to £250/£300? Thanks in advance
  37. U

    Color formula in Excel

    Want to have dark green for positive number and red for negative number. Got the red done but putting green makes it like a lime which can't be read. Looking to put dark green but when I put dark green it won't accept it
  38. A

    Lapton 14", 400$ budget

    Hey guys, my old laptop is history and I need new one for university. So basiclly, I'm looking for a laptop that answers my needs: -Massive Excel use. -playing HD contents -has SSD for OS -comes with Office,Windows 10 -has at least one HDMI input, 3 USB inputs -has good battery life and...
  39. A

    Software to Automatically Edit Text in Images

    Is there a software program out there that can take a list of names (for instance, in an Excel spreadsheet) and automatically insert those names into a graphic image (jpg, gif, tiff)? To clarify, I would have a meme and at the bottom I would have something like "<<First Name >> <<Last Name>>...
  40. T

    How to make a graph of the difference between cells - Microsoft Excel

    Hello, I'm benchmarking using fraps the frame timing during a 2 minute run around a map in BF1. It's progressively given me the ms build up from 0ms all the way up to 119986.554ms. I wanted to make a line graph showing the difference in frametime over time, so say between frame 1 and frame 2 is...
  41. V

    problem with mail hyperlink in excel

    Hi,I have searched on the Net about my problem but I haven't found solve.Please, help me because is very important for me. I made an Excel with hyperlink for mail but it doesn't work. When I click on the hyperlink it brings me to the Google not direct to gmail.What is problem? It is very...
  42. M

    Ccleaner- documents missing or deleted. Please help!!

    I have been using ccleaner for years & never had any issues. But this time I cant find some of my excel worksheets or microsoft word documents. I have looked everywhere I can think of. Is there some way to reverse what I did? Thank you guys so much!
  43. alanps

    Export Excel as HTML

    Hey everyone, I need to place a few Excel cells and formulas into a website with the capability of showing the output when you change some data. I've read that I'd need a javascript addon or something but I don't understand quite much. Any ideas? Thanks.
  44. Z

    Excel conditional formating that contains text other than....

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to make a conditional format that contains any form of text other than "0" will fill the cell the color red and pull information from different sheets in the same workbook in excel. I want "0" to be no color fill. Thank you!
  45. Z

    Excel Hyperlink Issues

    I have nearly around 200 hyper-links in my excel sheet and casually all the hyper-links were automatically stopped from working and the exact path has changed, can you please provide me with a solution? thanks in advance,
  46. chilly601

    Lost Microsoft Office (word, Excel, Powerpoint

    Recently refreshed my laptop to get internet working and it got rid of office so now i cant open any of my documents which i kinda need for my upcoming exams, please help genius's!
  47. B

    Please help with Google Sheet

    I have zero knowledge with Google Sheet or Excel and I have downloaded some template online It's template of business invoice. I'd like to add "Amount Paid" and "Amount Due" i.e Amount Due=Total Amount - Amount Paid But most of the template have missed this part. How to do it by myself??
  48. skyatday

    Need help choosing an office laptop.

    Lately i have been searching around for a laptop that could handle office stuff (word,excel) and maybe some movies. It needs to have a decent processor (that's why i'm choosing an i3) and good keyboard, so i can type effortlessly. (i know that most laptops have crappy keyboards at this price...
  49. M

    buying cheap browsing, excel laptop under 250

    i want to help my teacher choose cheap laptop (europe) she uses excel, browses,might need to show some stuff one projector thing my budget is 150-250 i need 32-64 gb storage(ssd prefered) 2-4gb ram i don't need high resolution or great contrast, full hd or less i need the wire for lan, but...
  50. K

    What would be the best Chrome Book for using Excel? under 300$

    thanks a lot !
  51. A

    Deciding between 2 laptops

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum. My girlfriend wants a new laptop for work related purposes: reading pdfs, using office (excel and word mostly), occasionally SPSS, browsing the web, Netflix on the weekends and VERY LIGHT gaming (Age of Mythology and Titan Quest tops graphics...
  52. S

    urgent help needed on copy and paste of cells

    Hi I am working on two excel work sheets. One I have filtered and then want to copy the filtered information on to another worksheet - but this only takes some of the information and not all of it. Please can you advise
  53. B

    Advice Needed: Work Laptop for Data Processing - $1000 Price Range

    Hello, I need to purchase a laptop for large amounts of data processing. We will be doing large Excel worksheets and Access database type work on the laptop. Could someone suggest a laptop in the $1000 range? The machine probably won't be used for vidya at all - so a strong graphics card is...
  54. H

    Access control inexcel 2013

    Hi, Is it possible to restrict users editing the excel sheets? Like say, Manager need the permission to view/edit/copy all excel sheet from a workbook (Full control) , the owner of one particular sheet also needs full control, all others need only read / view ability... Please let me know if...
  55. I

    Hyperlinks in Excel misdirect when you click on them

    I have a column of hyperlinks. When you select a cell with a hyperlink, copy it, paste it into the browser - it takes you to the correct place (a unique page). But if you mouse click on the link in Excel, it opens the browser window but takes me to a generic part of the website. Any ideas on why...
  56. M

    Microsoft Excel Copy and Paste Changing my info

    Hi Guys, I have come across something quite frustrating. I have a mac with office 2011 installed and I use it extensively for work. We have a template (designed by us) that encompasses one printed page on excel workbook. It's like a daily log. On the one page there is an image (company logo)...
  57. P

    Create dynamic Long Dropdown List

    Let me Tell all First this is a Repost Hie, So basically i am creating a form which is more or less like a invoice. There are 4 types of choices from which the user will select, by each selection would give me an another list to choose and so on untill it reaches the last one which is the price...
  58. S

    Problem with Excel template

    hi, I have tried many paid as well as free excel templates but i am really fed up with those template. I can't make more changes. Please suggest me any templates useful for payroll activities
  59. M

    Excel Workbook capabilities

    Hey guys this is my first ever post and I was wondering about the capabilities of excel and if there was anyway to make my idea a reality. Basically, I want to have a blank Workbook or sheet that is chained to a filled sheet or master list. Using the blank sheet, I want to be able to add or edit...