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  1. saknid

    Comparision of work as per week

    I want to make a Excel sheet in which i have to show the Total Standard time for any task and then will also put Total real time taken for the same task in which i have to also show the comparison percentage like Extra time or below the time line.
  2. S

    Creating a database to track game collection - with excel; help

    Over the past year or so I've been meaning to finally create a database of sorts to track my game collection(retail boxed/digital games, guides etc). I'm moving within the month, and am in the process of packing everything up so now is my best time to create said database. To be blunt, I've used...
  3. N

    Charitable organizations that give away laptops

    Hello, I am very interested in trying to find a free wireless laptop with Windows Word, Excel, etc and internet. I am in a transitional living h
  4. S

    Excel 2007 help locking worksheet

    how to make a Password lock in to the Excel Sheet in 2007
  5. S

    How to recover overwritten excel file

    Hello, i was working on 2 excel files A n B i saved both of them n turn off my pc but when i open again these files both have the same data that i have in B file ... now i want to recover the data of A file which is simply overwritten by file B ...i m using office 2000 ...please help me how can...
  6. E

    Excel - using a range (in one cell) in a formula

    Hello, I have a number of excel spreadsheets related to ticket sales that I'm trying to get organized. In one, we're keeping track of the actual ticket number (the one stamped on the ticket itself). Is there a way to use a range that's in one cell in a formula? For example, I have...
  7. D

    2007 Excel File overwritten

    How does one recover , a 2007 Excel file that was overwritten?
  8. C

    I can\'t edit my excel sheets in my blackberry

    recently i have serviced bb mobile from that date i can't edit the excel sheet kindly help me
  9. J

    Not enough memory in excel

    Hi, i met a problem with the excel. Sometimes when i need to save the excel documents, excel will prompt an error saying there is not enough memory. I've done repairing through the CD and it's still the same. The version of windows is XP, and office is 2000. Although the problem is not frequent...
  10. N

    Excel Viewer

    Hi Guys My company have 2 users, A and B, Both are in the same security role and policy I have posted an excel link in the intranet website X, Y, Z, W User A can't open the excel file with just X intranet website, but can open excel attachmend from email and website Y, Z , W But B can open...
  11. J

    Using Office 2007, I am trying to send a newsletter to each individual on a list

    I am using Office 2007 and trying to send an email newsletter to each individual that I have on an Excel list. but I need to send to each individually rather than as a group emailing. Has to be more personal. How do I go about doing that?
  12. L

    Excel Copy Paste ISSUE HELP

    Hello. My name is Luke. I've been working within Excel today and to my amazement I've been unable to copy cells from 1 page in the work book to another page. Once I've selected copy from the first page and then tried to paste into the 2nd page of the work book it dosen't allow me an option...
  13. G

    Excel how to lock the file so only i can save it

    Hello, is it me your looking for?
  14. W

    How do i remove advertisement from acer aspire one

    When I am using Excel on my Acer Aspire one, there is a pane on the right hand side showing Get Started, Do More, and an advertisement for Microsoft Office. How do I remove this pane thereby widening excel.
  15. M

    Save as button missing windows excel

    save as button missing in excel after update before you jump on my head I HAVE THE SAVE BUTTON i have been through every menu including customise toolbar how do i get back the " save as " button ???
  16. David 617

    [Q] Advanced Excel Mail-Merge

    Hi, I'm running a raffle and need to print out the tickets for the drawing. Can I use a Mail-Merge to print labels w/ the names on it using a value from a column to determine the amount of labels per person? Basically I need excel to look at column 'C' (which holds the amount of tickets the...
  17. T

    I replaced an excel file with the other one how do i recover it

    need help recovering an overwritten excel file
  18. K

    Recover overwritten excel files

    Hello, How can I recover overwritten exel files?
  19. Onio4yas

    How to copy 1 excel data in other in java?

    Hello, Can any one help me how to copy one excel data to another excel in the java code. Thanx in advance. :bounce: